thomas boyt's very professional website

hi! i'm thomas and this is my boring professional website. i'm a software engineer in nyc and a recurse center alumnus. i currently work at classpass as a senior front-end engineer.

i make things and put them on the internet at, a tld that i am very proud to have purchased before anyone else did. my favorite project so far is manygolf, a massively-multiplayer golf game you can play in your browser, which was featured in publications like boing boing.

more recently, i've been working on jam buds, a site for sharing music with your friends.

source code for those and other projects in various states of success and failure can be found on my github profile. i've also got a very-infrequently-updated dev blog.

if you'd like to email me, you can do so at you can also throw me a DM on Twitter (yes, even though my account is protected you can still DM me!).