thomas boyt's extremely boring website

hi! i'm thomas and this is my boring professional website. i'm a software engineer in new york city and recurse center alumnus.

i'm currently looking for a new full-time job. if you're on the hunt for a javascript developer, you should take a peek at my resume! i'm based in nyc, but open to relocation or remote gigs.

i make video games and put them on the internet at, a tld that i am very proud to have purchased before anyone else did. currently i'm working on manygolf, a massively-multiplayer golf game you can play in your browser.

various other projects in various states of success and failure can be found on my github profile. i've also got a very-infrequently-updated devlog here.

if you'd like to email me, you can do so at but if you actually want to get in contact with me quickly, twitter is probably the better option. as is, like, smoke signal, or carrier pigeon.